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      Candidates for Class of 2017

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      Abhishek Kishor

      Patna, India

      Abhishek Kishor graduated high school with 91.2%(C.B.S.E. PCM) from Patna. He loves to take part in leadership positions. He has served his school as a senior council member for more than two years where he conducted many inter-school and intra-school programs and suggested various new ideas for school administration. He is also the CEO of an esports startup. However, these are only few of his leadership positions. Dexterity family has nurtured him to become a fine man. Likewise, Abhishek wants to work in the Alumni Council and support younger generation to achieve great things.


      I love Dexterity because Dexterity has helped me in many aspects of my life and abled me see World in a more balanced Way.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Dexterity alumni are extension of my family; our love, care and happiness for each other are very heartfelt.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I have received extensive assist from Dexterity family in every part of my life, and I want to work in the Alumni Council and provide same extensive support to our younger generation and help them succeed in life.

      Aditya Vikram Singh

      Chandigarh, India

      I am here to participate, help and grow together. I will not disappoint and will always be with you. If you believe in me and my capabilities, please vote.


      I love Dexterity because it gives me hope that all my dreams can become reality.


      I love Dexterity alumni because They all have unique personalities which keeps inspiring me.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe I can be a good leader and can handle this responsibility.

      Akshita Shreya

      Pune, India

      I Akshita Shreya belongs from Patna and has been carved into a new person through a lot of hardships and still in process so from a different perspective I feel my experience would some day be penned down and people. I am currently working for Byju's and for my passion I am currently working on my short film and the first book of my life. I give all the credits to Dexterity for shaping me into a new person and to my mother who has always shown me the positive aspects in every situation. Thank you.


      I love Dexterity because being a part of it and not learning things I was a person who could not reach to people in any way and always used to offended but now I know where to act how and how to carry myself, I have brought a lot of changes in myself which people appreciate.


      I love Dexterity alumni because its a space where we meet and greet and most importantly can be a support system for the nextGen.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because earlier I have been a part of my college's council and I know what a feeling it is but being an Alumni Council for Dexterity would be a great achievement and also I will be able to connect and exchange ideas even more.

      Avinash Kumar

      New Delhi, India

      Avinash Kumar is the founder and Chief Editor of Aapna Bihar – a leading digital media portal of India which is breaking the negative stereotypes about Bihar and its people. Facebook, has appreciated his work and invited him to its Indian headquarter. He has trained himself as a leader from internationally renowned institutions and organizations like Dexterity Global, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi, DU, British Council, etc. He has worked with DDC, a think tank of Delhi Government and has been involved in drafting the youth policy of the Gujarat government. Currently, Avinash is studying Journalism at the Delhi School of Journalism.


      I love Dexterity because its principles and teaching guide me in every steps of my life.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it is like my family.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I have strong faith in the vision of Dexterity and committed to serve the organisation for lifetime.

      Goutam Lenka

      Cuttack, India

      Hi, I am Goutam. From the millennium city of Cuttack. A fourth year student pursuing integrated law as I was enthusiastic towards the judicial system since childhood. Keen observer of socialistic thoughts, village life, tribal lifestyle, vibrant culture and indian law and judicial reforms. Passionate to work for people and society who needs us. I believe in accepting the whole ball of thick and thin that life throws, be it good or bad, just take everything into your stride and move on. Life's only one mantra is "Perseverance Conquers All." Each day is new fresh start and let's go together and win the whole world.


      I love Dexterity because It has always helped me to pursue and nurture my passion.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Because they are the brothers and sisters whom I had learnt alot to march towards my dream and work for society.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because Because I love Dexterity Global and every single one who are from classes of each year and I would like to work further hand in hand with them and our esteemed Sharad Sir .

      Harshit Mishra

      Chennai, India

      Hlo, Along with marine engineering , i m working at two platform. 1) to aware students about all the career nd courses that exists in their early age, so that thay can be able to connect their passion nd profession. 2) to aware every1 about marine field nd to save newcomers from agent source.


      I love Dexterity because its a platform where we trasform.


      I love Dexterity alumni because thay all are doing great wherever thay are.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to stay connected with every1


      Patna, India

      This is Mayur. I graduated from Dex Class of 2017 and I am previleged to be a part of Dex Family. Being a council and cabinet member consistently from Schools to college i know its value and importance rather just wanted to say With great Power comes great Responsibility and if you all have faith in me, I will be the responsible one to my Dex Family. Hope the best person wins. Best of luck to all.


      I love Dexterity because its moreover a Family and what i am today is because of Dexterity moral lessons taught to me by Sharad Sir.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it will keep us all connected to one another and maintain a decorum organizing wonderful events and meets.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because to be a part of this council will be an honor to me and be the best version of myself implementing all the rules and values being a leader as taught to me in Dex Class.

      Monita Priyadarshini

      Bhubaneswar, India

      One thing echoes in my mind everytime, "Do those things first which you are afraid of the most." I am Monita, hailing from a small town named Cuttack. I am persuing integrated M.Tech in Chemical Engineering and aspiring to be an IAS officer. I love singing and sometimes I write articles, dance and sketch too. Throughout my childhood education I never knew what leadership meant until I joined DexSchool. That 7 days long session taught me to explore every opportunity which comes in your way, So I tried participating in english speech competition and interviewed for the student council of our college. Guess what, I got selected. For the first time in my life I was selected in a council and this is for the second time I am running for elections with much more confidence, enthusiasm and compassion than before. I am willing to put every effort in solving every problem only if you support me. Thank you!


      I love Dexterity because It transformed my personality in a good way and increased my confidence to do things which I have never attempted before, moreover, I have become a better person.


      I love Dexterity alumni because It is a privilege to be a part of this huge community comprising people of diverse range and they always help each other to grow and become better in every aspect without any condition or second thought.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I will never be able to repay for what I got from DexSchool but I can definitely express my gratitude by putting my learnings into action, by helping every dexter and future students in every possible way.


      Ahmedabad, India

      I am Muskaan, a Textile Design student at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. I like expressing my profoundly felt worldly experiences at art, color, design, craft, fashion, interiors, textiles, spirituality and leadership. I am a firm believer of ‘change takes time but it also takes people” and I want to be one of them. I was NIFT AIR 1 and NID AIR 5 in 2017. I am the Placement Coordinator of NID and have contributed to the formation of SPC for bridging the gap between Industry and students. Currently, I am working on creating an inclusive system for craftspeople, so millions of them can own their brand. Dexterity values have built me up as a person I am dedicated towards sharing these values and bring the alumni together strongly.


      I love Dexterity because It has made me feel empowered.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Dexterity alumini is a set of brightest and most capable next gen. leaders who shares common dexterity values and will be always there for each other.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to work for bringing all the Alumni together and organise events and to support other dexterity fellows.

      Niharika Gaurav

      Patna, India

      Hello fellow Dexters I am Niharika Gaurav, from class of 2017. I want to run for Alumni Council because Dex has given me so much to be grateful for, like courage, peace, lifelong core values and vision for an everyday better self that's why I want to return what I received. If I get voted in, I will serve in council with my heart and soul. I will never step back from my call . I hope we will continue to love, respect and care for our Dex family. Thank you


      I love Dexterity because It is the best thing happen to me in the darkest time.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Interaction with them and their stories give courage to me for being a better vision of myself.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to cherish what dexterity have given to me from courage, peace, lifelong values and a family that I can rely anytime so i want to serve back.

      Ritik Raj

      Washington, D.C., United States

      Hello everyone! My name is Ritik Raj and I'm a DexSchool Class of 2017 graduate. I was recently selected to get a degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University on a $300,000 scholarship. While in high school, I led my school as its Head Boy and founded the first ever TEDEd Club of Bihar. I've had the privilege of representing India on international stages in places like Yale University and Thailand. I'm really looking forward to work with all of you and create a community of dedicated sevaks for India and the world. Thank you!


      I love Dexterity because it made me who I am.


      I love Dexterity alumni because we're both a team and a family


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I can serve my people while enhancing my own leadership skills

      Rupesh Kumar

      Durgapur, India

      I'm Rupesh, a third-year graduate student. I'm a quick learner and problem solver. Always ready to contribute the best of my ability to enhance my experience through continuous learning and teamwork. I have a strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) focused on Computer Science Engineering.


      I love Dexterity because it's amazing.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it's a wonderful family.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I can & I will win the alumni council.

      Saurabh Prakash

      Patna, India

      Hello everyone ! I am Saurabh and I am an final year electronics student at Government Polytechnic,Patna.I am a very active person and If I am elected to the alumni council will contribute my precious time to alumni engagement and other important affairs related to Dexterity alumni interaction by working in close co-operation and harmony with my batchmates.Thank you !


      I love Dexterity because Dexterity is not just an organisation,it's an emotion which is inexpressible.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Dexterity alumni are a bunch of people with diverse background and high level of knowledge but they are the people with whom you can imagine a better world.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because Being a part of this wonderful organization is a dream come true for me and so it's my duty to pay my debt to Dexterity for making me the person I am.Thank you !

      Shashwat Sanjeev

      Patna, India

      A student who loves crosswords, reading, writing, listening to stories and ideas and hollistically analysing things, was born in a small town where Gandhi's Champaram satyagraha started, was raised in the state capital of Bihar, attended a small school having around twelve thousand students and had many chances to represent and work for a student population roughly twice that of a village panchayat in Bihar by being a part of the student council, holding many positions and finally leading it. I am an ordinary kid, who wishes to convince people to invest a bit more in human capital and sustainable living and a bit less in things which prevent the two.


      I love Dexterity because they equip people with skillsets and empower them instead of helping them do things making them dependent.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they have values along with skillsets which enable to have great ideas and implement them to create a world where people do not fear others but help them grow.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because the only thing I might be good at is helping people with great ideas connect so that they can work together to create impeccable systems, all overcoming problems together and helping create a better society.

      Shiwangi Jha

      New Delhi, India

      When we choose a leader we invest all our trust in them believing that the choice thus made, will never prioritise something other than what they are ideally supposed to, taking into consideration all the causes and consequences. I hope to serve in every possible way I can, by listening, understanding and acting, accordingly.


      I love Dexterity because it has helped me bring out the best in me.


      I love Dexterity alumni because We have been imbibed with same dexterity values like a family.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I think every year has something different to offer and coming together of different years of DexSchool representatives can help keeping up the Dexterity values and enhancing them.


      Patna, India

      Hello Dexters. Shubham is a Dexschool graduate from Class of 2017. Apart from academic achievements, Shubham had been active in leadership since Junior classes in school from House Captain and Chess club head . Shubham is a committee member of shree Krishna Singh Jyanti Samaroh (first CM of Bihar) , Founding member of Youth Brigade Bihar ,Head of Councils in my college in Muzzafarpur and my trust. He was also an active member in Lokshabha election advertisement in 2019 for BJP. Shubham loved the Dexschool environment ,mentors, values and ofcourse all brothers and sisters (batchmates); and thus nominated for council elections. Shubham loves sports because of it's team spirit and aims to be a real estate entrepreneur in future. Please spread your love through your valuable Votes.Thank You.


      I love Dexterity because of the mentorship and diversity with dexterity values.


      I love Dexterity alumni because enthusiasm and determination inspired from Swami Vivekananda.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I have learnt to be a leader at dexschool.

      Syed Fahad

      Bengaluru, India

      I was introduced to Dexterity Global when I got to be a part of the first D2C class. Since then I have been in multiple classes (D2C and DexSchool) filled with students who were there because they decided to take charge of their future and saw themselves to be a leader. In my short journey I have witnessed my personal growth and the growth of Dexterity Family. Together we have learned, laughed, and lead projects that have changed the way we look at problems. I believe that now is not the end of this journey, rather a critical time for us alumni to collaborate for the future we believed in. Be the leader that we saw in ourselves the first time we joined the Dexterity Family. I am ready to contribute and represent our ideas to create better engagement of alumni. I need your support and trust in this vision. Thanks .


      I love Dexterity because it works for a better tommorow by empowering us with required knowledge, skills, values and connections.


      I love Dexterity alumni because we share values,vision and are leaders that strive to be change maker in our respective fields.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe that I can contribute and represent new projects, ideas and solution to challenges for better alumni engagement.

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