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      Candidates for Class of 2018

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      Abhinav Singh

      Noida, India

      A proud 2018 DexSchool graduate. I stay in Noida, Delhi NCR. I may not know you all but I know you well. You are just a call away in case you need any favor in Delhi NCR. I probably cannot tell you about the best places to hang on but I can try for sure to make every place we meet a memorable one. Apart from all, I will try to serve with all my heart and keep the promises of even the last man in line.


      I love Dexterity because I see hope for all here.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are so diverse yet so similar.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I think I will get to know more alums and will get a chance to learn while working with them closely.

      Aditya Singh

      Gwalior, India

      Greetings everyone, I'm Aditya Singh, a normal kid with only two things in my heart; love for my country and big dreams which are yet to be completed. I believe in Dexterity, not because it helps me to train for my dreams but because I know my overall work from dexterity would benefit my country. I have an inspiration which keeps my mind creative and grateful.


      I love Dexterity because it is my that family which motivates me to always thrive for the best.


      I love Dexterity alumni because these people teach me something, which would help me lifelong.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want the next batch to love dexterity as much as I do.

      Ankit Kumar

      Patna, India

      Hey, Myself Ankit Kumar. I'm high school graduate from Patna. I'm also D2C fellow as well as DexSchool 2018 graduate. Academically, I'm a average student earning A's throughout my high school career. I consistently exhibits dedication in whatever interests me. At present, I'm looking to pursue my career in Astrophysics and willing to lead my society towards a better future space. I'm bit interested in not to be hesitant while speaking clearly and eloquently about my beliefs.


      I love Dexterity because it inculcated a culture in me and it's high level of support.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are always present to guide one leading a perfect example.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to learn new things from other alumni and present my own culture in front of them.

      Archa Chaudhary

      Mumbai, India

      I am a DexSchool Alumna of 2018, currently interning at Dexterity Global as a communication intern. I have graduated from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics with a Bachelor’s of Management Studies and specialisation in Marketing. I also have a Diploma in Event management from the National Institute of Event Management. The past year I worked at multiple platforms like the online United Nations volunteering and World For all Animals alongside working at Bharat Seva Samvad that works towards nation building by inspiring the youth. The next two years I will be working as a Teach For India Fellow.


      I love Dexterity because it has shaped me and continues to shape me to be a better human being.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of its rich culture, talent and love towards the nation.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe I can spread the benefits of my learnings to people beyond Dexterity Global, be the leader that helps everyone grow together and ensure every alumni engages with each other as much as possible to build the strongest and close knit network the society has ever seen.

      Ashish Kumar

      Ara, India

      In the last few years, me as a Dexter found of new momentum that is propelling my forward movement. In various domains of life, the progress made has been unprecedented. This aluminium council gives an opportunity to youth, when we people come together, when youths like me take ownership for the direction the country should travel in, our goal takes shape. The challenges faced when I was one of the selected 196 candidates who are going to be a part of Republic Day Parade. Apart from that, I have experienced first hand the miracle of perseverance.


      I love Dexterity because Dexterity's diversity in culture, relationship values with Dexters and its unity in diversity are some of the things one cannot find anywhere else.


      I love Dexterity alumni because there visionary, ideology and acceptance always thrilled, motivates and shows a path of excellence to our society for the sake of mankind.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I got the chance to represent my batch and taking a more active role also allows me to interact with alumni from a range of different backgrounds and this can result in strong, long lasting friendships and I'll work with the diverse range of people, the wider community and importantly, this will also boost up my curiosity on different perspectives.

      Ayush Kumar

      Banka, India

      My name is Ayush kumar. I am from Banka, Bihar. Currently I am pursuing my final year of graduation in chemistry honours from P.B.S. College Banka. I completed my 12th from R.M.K. Inter School, Banka. I have done my schooling from same school. I like playing chess drawing sketchs and reading books. My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges, self motivated person, self disciplined. I can adopt to any kind of environment. Thank you.


      I love Dexterity because it is life changing organisation.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they have potential and abilities to serve India and the world.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to make myself better for future.

      Ayush Vats

      Sonipat, India

      My name is Ayush Vats. I am a second year undergraduate student at Ashoka University with a major in Political Science and minor in IR. I am a DexSchool class of 2018 graduate and D2C 2019 fellow. I feel a sense of privilege to have gotten the chance to stand for the alumni council and would be grateful to you if you decide to vote for me. The chance to serve Dexters in our country and around the world is a massive opportunity. If granted, i promise to serve you to the best of my ability!


      I love Dexterity because it gave me the values that guide me forward each day


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are some of the most talented people out there.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because it will provide an opportunity to serve some of the most wonderful people.

      Ayushi Priya

      Patna, India

      Life maybe too short for us to live to its fullest but we are never too young for a change. A week long journey was enough for me to realise that for an individual to be successful the heaviness of his/her mind was more important than his pockets. From wanting the world to know my name to understanding the true meaning of seva wasn't about the individual or their name rather the service they had to offer. I may not have evolved to my fullest but I know it is a never-ending journey and life has much more to offer. When two years ago I entered the classroom I was just an ordinary girl who loved playing basketball, the art of public speaking and involving myself in every kind of curricular and extracurricular activities but when I walked out I still was ordinary but a different kind. So this different kind of ordinary still loved all those things but now she knew she could achieve the extraordinary by taking initiatives and with the love and support of the Dexterity family! Unlike you people, I could not be the best at one stroke and I failed more times than one could think of but I never stopped trying because dexterity taught me that giving up was not an option. Life as I have understood is ever learning process and I certainly have a lot to learn!


      I love Dexterity because it changed my life turning me to be the best version of myself in a way that I push my limits, never fear to stand up for what I believe in and could truly delivery seva to the world.


      I love Dexterity alumni because we are part of an extended family which is guided by the values of dexterity system and bonded by love and support from the institution.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because it is a part of me that I could never let go, from making me believe that I am never too young for a change to including me in this wonderful opportunity, Dexterity has been a life changer and I firmly believe that there is much more for me learn.

      Disha Mohanty

      Guwahati, India

      What do I do? I bring the magic :)) I'm a law student at NLU-Assam. As much as I love exploring the fields of law, I'm always in a lookout for new experiences and challenges. I try to be of help to everyone around me and make sure that every task I undertake is completed efficiently in due time. The very reason I took up law was to fight for gender equality in our society and I strive to work towards it every day. Besides all this, I enjoy writing short stories, poems, play basketball and click pictures.


      I love Dexterity because of its strong values and culture.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it represents the most diverse and motivated leaders from all across the country.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because that will provide me the opportunity to work closely with a set of young, talented Dexters.

      Gagan Kumar

      New Delhi, India

      "Change takes time and it also takes people". I will work towards bringing the change which is worth. Each vote counts and your vote is meaningful to me. And as you all know I will never let you all feel bored, And I will daily sing one song for you all in the entertainment session. Thats all from my side. Thank You


      I love Dexterity because with the help of Dex School, I got the job opportunity in US Hotel Chains.


      I love Dexterity alumni because all the alumni of Dexterity are very helpful and friendly in nature.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to meet them again and want to enjoy past moments again with them.

      Rohit Bishnoi

      New Delhi, India

      “We’ll find our destination eventually even after wandering. Those are lost who haven’t ever ventured out of their house”. Hello friends I’m Rohit proud Dex-school alumni of 2018 batch. I’m a third year student of media and communication at the University of Delhi. Lead, learn, taking a stand for myself and many more values were taught to me by our alma-meter. I believe it’s time to come together, help each other to grow, discuss innovative ideas, and indulge in the battle of high standards.


      I love Dexterity because of the values and education it imparts.


      I love Dexterity alumni because Dexterity alumni are my family and having the best potential leaders.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to serve my organization in the best possible way.

      Rohit Kumar

      Patna, India

      My name is Rohit Kumar, I'm currently in the final year and studying in St. Xavier's College, Patna. And, I am working on how we can help through our ‘Seva leadership' by which we can improve our healthcare facilities in our country by which others should not have to face the problems which I faced earlier. And, In this journey of change. I shall need your help. For equality to be met it is vital that all individuals are heard and supported by the members. And, I would like to be united and move forward with each and every member to make change!


      I love Dexterity because it tells us about the seva leadership.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they will going to spread the Work & Vision of Organisation.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to be united with all the members and move forward with all.

      Rohit Nadakatti

      Manipal, India

      Rohit Nadakatti is an ambitious young individual who is driven by a strong desire to paint emotionally enriching stories through the medium of film. Currently studying engineering, he will pursue a Masters degree in Filmmaking post graduation. A liberal by heart, he believes in the importance of diversity and developing individual thoughts and opinions which will propel the society to higher levels of thinking. He is of the opinion that a good leader should practice the values of Listening and Learning with a strong sense of Empathy and Gratefulness.


      I love Dexterity because it gives young people a platform to discover their inner potential and develop essential skills to become leaders in every walk of life.


      I love Dexterity alumni because we are a group of extremely talented young individuals who are equally driven towards effecting change in the society through our actions and values.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because it will give me an opportunity to have polished discussions about diverse topics and work towards becoming a better person by serving the organization and the country.

      Sarvik Chaudhary

      Surat, India

      I was very small when I realized that I was a leader, not because I liked staying in the front, but because I loved pushing the ones being left behind. I held various Leadership positions in school but was introduced to the real meaning of leadership(servant) at DexSchool. After completing highschool I got the wonderful opportunity to live under the auspices of Sharad Sir and Swaraj Sir and have been enjoying the process of learning and growing ever since. The Alumni Council will be the perfect platform for me to serve my fellow Dexters in every way possible.


      I love Dexterity because it's my home, I learned to become a better human being first before anything else and that is a lesson for life!


      I love Dexterity alumni because they inspire me put our society first, they inspire me to help the world around us in whatever little way possible.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe this will allow me to put all the Leadership skills that I learned at DexSchool to work and provide me a better platform to serve this amazingly wise alumni body.


      Sonipat, India

      I am an undergraduate student of Ashoka University, majoring in Economics & Finance. I have had interests ranging over various areas like student politics, entrepreneurship and theater in the past and I have made sure to explore my potentials to the best level possible. I believe in exercising leadership by having a problem solving approach and being inclusive. I have let my values guide me in all the areas I have worked and will continue to do so.


      I love Dexterity because it connects youth with opportunity.


      I love Dexterity alumni because there are strong values and character at the core of our alumni.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to contribute to streamlining the cohort of Dexterity leaders who are contributing to the world in various capacities.

      Shubham Kumar

      New Delhi, India

      Your vote counts and same goes for your decision. I promise to put in all my efforts for the work assigned. Thank you and remember to choose whats important over whats popular.


      I love Dexterity because of its alumni base, organised way for education and perfect coachabilty.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of passion, dedication and equal love for all.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to shape my self as a future leader and learn the process of coaching.

      Subhash Kumar

      Gurugram, India

      As you know I am Subhash Kumar, I was born in Bihar and brought in Delhi which is famous for its tourist's attraction, street food, and market places and it is also known as the powerhouse of India from where the entire country run. As far as my educational background is concerned I have persued Diploma in mechanical engineering from Pusa institute of technology, Delhi. Right now I am working with Maruti Suzuki for more than a good year it has been great learning experience. By the time I have developed some interests I love to meet inspiring peoples from all walks of life to know about them their struggle, their hard work. I love to explore new things so that there will no regrate in future "I wish i knew it earlier" I always ready to work whether I am capable of it or not if am not then I make my self capable of it, I believe in one thing “I WILL MAKE IT MAY BE NOT IMMEDIATELY BUT ABSOLUTELY AND DEFINITELY


      I love Dexterity because its vision, its commitment, Its efforts and sacrifices to make changes in Bihar, India, World.


      I love Dexterity alumni because all are very bright minded peoples and everyone is doing something +1 in there field, diversity ( in all aspects such as knowledge, region, profession, background).


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I always want to expand my self, my learning, my knowledge, my skills and want to coordinate with great minds and great mentors.

      Sumit Raj

      Patna, India

      Dear voters, Allow me to first express my gratitude to each one of you. Everyone I have met till date, I must tell you ; not just you are a great friend but also an amazing person, I love you all! I hail from Dexschool class of 2018. I believe in making no big pomises instead I like to stick to simple dexterity core values; critical thinking, research, empathy and fearlessness. And today when I fill nomination I don't just seek my representation but of yours, great people. We shall rise together, We shall shine together. Long Live Dexterity. Long Live Dexters!!


      I love Dexterity because of its values.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of the diversity they bring in the room.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because of the chance it would come up with, chance to represent myself between some of the brightest mind and moreover the chance to grow into a leader through this.

      Vedica Bhardwaj

      Patna, India

      I am vedica bhardwaj. Currently pursuing my studies at Delhi public school, Patna. Talking about myself, if I have to describe me then it’s going to be -an influencer. Trying to hit hard every challenges I stand up high. I am the receiver of the prestigious BIHAR CENTENARY AWARD. My ambitions reaches up to to go on for business studies and so making my mindset as well. If I am asked the one thing I want to do for people , that is going to be - win over positivity, as I believe what the outcome of living one’s life is getting peace over mind. Reaching up to goals , thinking out higher than believer is the only way to beat up conventional emotions. People do have the sense of importance for things in their lives but they don’t know the right implementation and that is the only thing which holds them back even if they are with the “best outta waste” I have just got myself on the runway to life and now preparing for that moment of takeoff when it’s all about “seat belts tied strong” ! I don’t hope but believe to be inspiring not just by laughs and being a little innocent over people but getting them over logical approaches! Awarded as the best Orator of the year i aspire to orate happiness out of people’s lives! Let’s be together not to shape equal world but a unique world with one of its qualities “Equality”


      I love Dexterity because the life skill practicals taught are quite commendable using it in real life.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it feels privileged to be surrounded by people of different mindset’s leading to the single opportunity of equality.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to help people inspire our something positive out of there lives

      Vedika Sinha

      Patna, India

      I am Vedika Sinha, born in Chappra and raising up in Patna. I am doing my schooling from Scholars Abode. I am a 10 STD. student and I have always believed that to serve our nation, there is no age limitations. I have been the part of dexterity Global since 2018. I would like to be a part of this prestigious organisation to further develop myself and to use my capabilities to serve the Nation and Dexterity as well. DexSchool graduates change the world and it would be my honour to be the part of a council where we will work together and bring a massive change.


      I love Dexterity because I have experienced life changing moments with Dexterity family.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they have kept the dexterity values in the core of their respective careers.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to continue the path of my leadership qualities which I have learnt in DexSchool.

      Vikram Mondal

      Chandigarh, India

      I am a value-driven undergrad student, currently pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science from PEC Chandigarh. I am very passionate about technology and currently interning in Western Digital on a next-gen technology coming to market after 3 years. Being a proud DexSchool graduate, I have always had a keen interest in gaining leadership experience by applying the teachings of Sharad sir to practice by transforming ComputerScienceSociety from an unofficial Adhoc society during its inception 3 years ago to the most successful society in PEC, both academically and financially. This was possible due to constructive and quick decisions made by me and my team. My hobbies include coding and cooking.


      I love Dexterity because of its dedication towards empowering the next generation leaders of the country.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of their pragmatic approach towards making a positive change in the world and their firm belief in their abilities.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to be able to tell the inspiring stories of my fellow dexters to past and future Dexschool graduates, and also join forces with sir in showcasing to the world the potential of DexSchool graduates.

      Vineet Prakash

      Guwahati, India

      Vineet Prakash is a young professional Social worker hailing from Sasaram city of Rohtas district of Bihar. He is currently pursuing Master of Arts in social work (Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati off- campus. Also a co-founder of a voluntary organization named RAP (Revolution Against Pollution) which has been working in Sasaram on issues such as rural development, women empowerment, sanitation, environment, youth development, water, education, and in fulfilling other Sustainable Development Goals at grassroots level from last 6 years. As a trainee social worker had a experience of working in different areas of social work with various organizations in different parts of the country. He has also participated in various National & International events considered relevant to the sector of social work.


      I love Dexterity because it's everything and above all for me.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are doing the way they got trained through various dexterity platform.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe I can carried out 10 values which I learnt in Dex school and reach out to more child and youth.

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