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      Candidates for Class of 2019

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      Aastha Singh

      Patna, India

      I'm Aastha Singh. I'm an alumni of DexSchool Class, 2019. I stay in Patna, Bihar. I'm a 12th grader with Science as my opted stream. I love reading novels, writing short poems and I hold very deep interest in playing different musical instruments. As a person, I am about sharing and being supportive in all aspects of life. I keep my point of view positive and it helps me to interact and reach the everyone. It's natural of me to first observe and then absorb and not rush into judgements and this enhances my leadership skills.


      I love Dexterity because of it's values and it's efforts to bring out the best in everyone.


      I love Dexterity alumni because each one is so inspiring and is working hard everyday to bring a system level change and to serve with their knowledge.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I hold my values strong and I'm growing and learning everyday, trying to be better.

      Aditya Kumar

      Jamshedpur, India

      "Change takes time, but it also takes people. People who are willing to give in their everything." This alumni council will change the future of Dexterity and I believe that my decisive nature and the ability to wok well under pressure will prove to be helpful for the council. Also, I am a photographer and filmmaker, so i'll be sure to capture and document the lovely faces of the council members while some of the most important decisions are being made XD. On a serious note, it will be a honor for me to be a part of this council.


      I love Dexterity because of the culture of excellence and the deep rooted values here.


      I love Dexterity alumni because the alums are incredibly talented people with powerful goals and visions for this country.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe that my decisive nature will help a lot in making quick decisions and making time schedules.

      Ahad Iqbal

      New Delhi, India

      I am Ahad Iqbal, I would define my 1 part as an innovator, 1 part as a techie, 1 part as a mathematician and other parts as a non-biased thinker and learner. I am a Research Intern at DexGlobal and currently has the vision to reintroduce Dexchallenge. I hope to develop innovative ways to get alumni constantly engaged with students that would benefit them socially, academically, and professionally.


      I love Dexterity because of its ideas, vision, and pureness.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of their continuous support.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because it helps develop valuable connections, expand our skills, and to give it back what I have received.

      Aishwarya Agarwal

      Jamshedpur, India

      I am Aishwarya Agarwal from Dex School Clas of 2019. I am really obliged to run for the Alumni Council Elections. Being a person who respects and feels blessed the quality of the incredible alumni that we already have and so much to learn from each other. I wish to be a part of the alumni council taking the responsibility of not only organizing annual meets but also to keep all the alumni engaged throughout so that we can all benefit from each other qualities. Let us take this opportunity to make it a learning platform for all of us.


      I love Dexterity because DexSchool was a life-changing experience for me and since then I have always tried and discovered a better version of myself.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are the people who have always supported me and guided me in my journey.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to try my best to make sure that each one us can turn towards each one of us.

      Akanksha Majumder

      Manipal, India

      Hailing from the state of Assam, I believe in a leader who works to benefit not her but the larger community. I have experienced first-hand the beauty and rage of unchecked human emotions. Being a DexSchool graduate taught me the inherent goodness of small actions which leads to impactful changes. Organising folk-art workshops in the northeast, being a student advisor to a mental health organisation and engaging with young girls in Karnataka; made me realise the need of Seva our country requires. Stepping into the council will allow me to continue my Seva and be the voices of fellow Dexters.


      I love Dexterity because of its strong ideals and the pride it takes in building a strong, powerful nation.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it is a family of humble and powerful leaders of tomorrow.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because through the council I want to take forward the legacy and ideals of Dexterity Global to every small town and city of northeast.

      Allati Rajesh

      Hyderabad, India

      Allati Rajesh is an Indian, from Hyderabad, Telangana State. Master of Business Administration student at Sri Indu Institute of Management. I'm a Wing President of National Youth Council of India, Ranga Reddy District,Telangana State which works in the field of Startup's and Entrepreneurship. I feel my Contribution to Dexterity is Significant. Every year Dexterity is Powering young leaders and Connecting Students with Opportunities. It is a source of pride to be asked to stay on the board and I would appreciate your vote.


      I love Dexterity because it Powers next generation of Leaders and Connects Students with Opportunities.


      I love Dexterity alumni because where I can engage with has many has Alumni's where i see the institution values in them.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to support alumni initiatives, implement and promote the goals and Ideas of the Institution.

      Ananya Singh

      Bhagalpur, India

      I am Ananya Singh. A dexschool alum (2019) . I am from Bhagalpur city of Bihar, and I am a student of class 12th. Dexterity has given us many values and I want to be a part of alumni council so that I can use those values and teachings to contribute to dexterity. I would love to be in the team and learn great things from our teachers and alumns . Dexterity alumni council will help me to enhance some talents like decision making , thought processing and straight forwardness.


      I love Dexterity because of its values.


      I love Dexterity alumni because They are very inspiring and straight forward


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to learn and serve with the alums.

      Anoushka Singh

      Patna, India

      Hey I’m Anoushka! I have always been passionate about Learning and leadership and I believe that a person can only grow when their community grows with them. I consider myself an utterly positive person and I guarantee you I would always keep your spirits high. I hope to serve you in the best way possible! The alumni council is the beginning of something amazing and I would love to be a part of it, with your support. I hope to carry the Dexterity values in me always!


      I love Dexterity because of the values it embodies.


      I love Dexterity alumni because because they are the best community there is — great talent and even greater people.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to use my leadership values in a way that helps as many people as I can, and because doing anything with this organisation is always an honour.

      Bipasha Roy

      Ranchi, India

      Greetings, my name is Bipasha Roy. I am a DexSchool graduate of 2019. I am pursuing Bachelor of Arts from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi. I am mostly involved in Street plays through which my team and I try to spread awareness about the various social evils like domestic violence, rape, female infanticide, etc. and also educate people on the topics concerning LGBT, Water Conservation, misconceptions about limited career limitations, etc. Apart from this, I love to sing and also work as a Freelance content writer. In future, I want to work majorly in women and child development sector. Regards!


      I love Dexterity because it is different and has a unique way of teaching us about various things in life which helps us to understand our abilities, better.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are my family and are diverse in culture and ideas which helps us grow.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I desire to work with and for the young people which will surely be a learning experience for me, I believe.

      Diksha Thoke

      Pune, India

      Hey Dex family. This is Diksha Thoke, from class of 2019. I am standing right here, because of what you all mean to me. I believe that if this works, not just me but we all are going to be a part of this, from organising alumni meets, discussing ideas, having everyone's opinions, and planning new interesting things till moving ahead as a team and family. This is an opportunity we all have got and I’ll make sure, we all participate in it, follow the Dexterity values and move ahead with what you are hoping for this council to be.


      I love Dexterity because they have provided me with a platform where I have upgraded more.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are my family.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I love to take opportunities, which I can.

      Karan Jain

      New Delhi, India

      I am a student studying in 12th class in commerce stream. Being a part of my school's 10 person student council and having held numerous positions of responsibility till now, I am an experienced organiser and communicator. I am an ambitious, persevering and passionate person and I try to complete every task with perfection. I hope to utilise my skills to serve the Dexterity family and thereby our country and the world and will make sure that I live up to the standards that have been set by our seniors and batchmates in the Dexterity family.


      I love Dexterity because of its morals and values.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are my family, a constant support system.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I wish to serve the organisation and the family to the best of my abilities.

      Khushi Chindaliya

      Surat, India

      I was born when Gujarat was burning in Godhra riots, yet there was a community that taught me compassion and introduced me to my deep convictions. Dexterity feels like family, where I met young and dynamic leaders and was reintroduced to the core values of serving and leading with compassion. With a great spirit, I went on to build the first TEDxYouth platform in my city and got inducted as the International Ambassador of the National Society of High School Scholars. Through the council, I will be able to put forward the vision that we have all seen together.


      I love Dexterity because I strongly believe in the vision of the organisation and am inspired by the ideals and values that drive Dexterity.


      I love Dexterity alumni because to me it is a family whose spirit to serve moves me, humbleness amazes me, and depth of thought inspires me.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I believe that my values align with Dexters across the world, and the council will help me in widening my horizons and to take those values forward.

      Kingshuk Chatterjee

      Rahara, India

      I am a student of Mathematics, willing to be a Technical Engineer. I am a confident person who needs to come forward with his knowledge to stand by others who need help. Because today where I’m is better in comparison to the past of me but I didn't come all along alone so now this is my time to step into the shoes of those who fueled me to reach here. I’m trying to enrich myself with ideas which can change the generation of learners of rural areas of Bengal. I am not perfect, but I will do my best.


      I love Dexterity because here I am inspired every moment to grow better, which unleashes the spirit within me to succeed in life.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are one of the finest persons with great point of views and they are the ones who keep a balanced idea of almost everything.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I need to learn more and reflect more and the selection will help in better understanding, developing better ideas and better implementation.

      Mani Raj Singh

      Noida, India

      My name is Mani Raj Singh, Student of bachelor of (BSW) social Work from Amity University. I have done many thing as a group leader in so many diverse field. During my school tenure I served as a school captain for three year. I am also the basketball U-16 team captain in NCC. I am also working as a leader in our voluntary based organization RAP [ Revolution Against Pollution ] under which I have done so many projects which required leadership skills such as more than 30 cleanliness drive, protest, mobilizing people through conducting session among various groups.


      I love Dexterity because it provide equal opportunity to everyone.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it provide me opportunity to be the part of the change.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I think I can provide my service in the manner this alumni Council demands.

      Munipalli Goutham

      Hyderabad, India

      I, Munipalli Goutham hailing from Hyderabad, Telangana State. Currently, pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I would like to be a part of our Alumni council, so that I could contribute my ideas for making our Alumni engagements and meetings meaningful in different ways. My appeal to every Dexter is that, I will respect everyone’s opinions and strive for the progress of our family with the values of Dexterity. I humbly ask for your valuable vote to me. Thank you!


      I love Dexterity because it is working for the young generation of this country and manifesting them as Nation builders.


      I love Dexterity alumni because it is a family with the values of Dexterity and good character.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to make Alumni meetings and engagements meaningful in different ways and contribute my ideas.

      Raj Vinay Shukla

      Surat, India

      Contesting for Alumni Council is an honour for me because my applying is pretty unlikely. I was the one who was provisionally graduated in first round. But I stand knowing that my story is part of the larger group. Having worked as Prime Minister of School Student Council, served as City President in "FeedingIndia" NGO and engaged with everyone in your highs and lows for a year has made me to contest for a post which requires both skillsets and active engagement. By this I assure that maybe I'm not the one like them, but I'm the one like you.


      I love Dexterity because it has taught me the actual purpose of a leader and importance of values in life.


      I love Dexterity alumni because apart from being great personalities in their respective fields they continue to be constant source of inspiration by being so grounded and at the same time committing themselves relentlessly to public service and nation building.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because it is a first step in the process of worldwide Dexterity Alumni engagement and a system in making to bring more unity in the next generation leaders which is the best opportunity for practical learning of how a system works by persistently working for it.

      Sammer Hussain

      Udaipur, India

      My name is Sammer Hussain, DexSchool 2019 Alumni. Dexterity mentors and students taught me the true definition of a leader and helped me become one. I care deeply about Dexterity and would be honored to join the Alumni Council. In past school leadership positions, I’ve organized and managed many functions and led teams and commitees. As a Council Member, I would further strengthen alumni involvement and help former Dexters continue to capitalize on their Dex experience. This opportunity will help me to grow and continue to do incredible work inspired by and in the name of the Dexterity Global.


      I love Dexterity because it has broadened my vision of the world, and has introduced me to other visionary people.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are future leaders of the world and they challenge and inspire me to do great things.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I have a deep honour for Dexterity and its alumni and I want to encourage the ongoing dialogue between past Dexterity participants.

      Sanskar Mehta

      Patna, India

      A year ago on this very day, it was Day 1 of DexSchool. The day I got to meet the most talented and most amazing people from all around this country. We all spent just 7 days together, but there is something magical about DexSchool that I made the best connections, memories and friends. The things I learned and the memories I made will be with me forever. I'm not this close to the people I went to school with for more than a year that I'm with you all. Dexterity is more than just an organisation, it's a family.


      I love Dexterity because Dexterity is more than just an organisation, it's a family — a family that cares about its each and every member.


      I love Dexterity alumni because we are a family and no matter on which part of the world we all are at, we always have time and love for each other.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because Dexterity is a like home to me and it would be an honour to represent and serve this organisation.

      Shubhangi Sheetal

      Patna, India

      Jai Hind! I am Shubhangi, a design aspirant and would love to be a part of the team. I believe in team work, smart work and most importantly to learn and grow together. I am very creative and will put up my best no matter what the results would be. I have been a council member on school basis, as deputy head girl and I would use all my skills to do the best of what I can.


      I love Dexterity because of the character they build in each one of us.


      I love Dexterity alumni because of the support and sense of connectivity I feel.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I wish to be able to add on something to the council and to myself.

      Sumati Kumari

      Madhubani, India

      I left Xt.college on 31/05/2019 with a hope to internship at Dexterity Global so that, along with service I can learn some better and different ways to serve the nation. And now I think this is also a way to use my potential to reshape something in a better way. Your vote will really encourage me to do the work with more focus and quality. If I became the part of the council then I will give my 100% for the work of our wellness. Vote me if you really think I am capable of this.


      I love Dexterity because it taught me leadership and way of handling situation.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are so intelligent, and seems to be bright future of the nation.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I think that I can drive my fellow in a better direction.

      Swetha Reddy

      Hyderabad, India

      Hi! I'm Swetha from Hyderabad. I'm 16, and I have flair and fascination for math, biology, music, and the underlying, mystifying connections between them. I've worked mainly with girls my age and younger, from diverse economic backgrounds, to basically expose them to scientific experimentation, lateral thinking, sports involvement, and barrier-breaking - a humble attempt at leveling the playing field. As a daughter of doctor-parents, I know what responsibility feels and looks like. As a resident of Hyderabad, I know where exactly to find the best (secret) Biryani in the world. As a Dexterity family member, you bet I'll tell you.


      I love Dexterity because it has a unique superpower called purity that makes it undeniably THE best thing that can happen to a child.


      I love Dexterity alumni because I'm someone who loves family, and this one is extraordinary.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I would like to engage more, lead more, and represent more (Telugu children, especially girls) within the dexterity family, and work locally towards representing Dexterity in both cities and villages of Telangana.

      Vivek Patel

      New Delhi, India

      Hey People. I'm Vivek. I hope everyone is doing fantastic and changing this world somewhat everyday with their Dexterity values. Friends, I nominate myself for the Alumni Council, I need your support and I hope you'll bless me with your powerful votes. I'll fight hard to facilitate us all with the World's Best Alumni Council. There won't be any communication gap or gap of opinions and I'll be there for you 24*7 to hear each and every concern of yours and raise your voice. Whatever responsibilities I'll be given in the council I'll serve as a servant leader and work with you all so that 'You' and 'I' grow. Thank You. I love you all and God bless you.


      I love Dexterity because in the era of disappointments, I see hope in Dexterity.


      I love Dexterity alumni because they are all so inspiring.


      I am running for the Alumni Council because I want to give whatever I can for this organization and people.

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