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2014: The Year That Was

End of The Year Letter from the Dexterity CEO

Dec 31, 2014 | Boston, MA
End of the Year Letter
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for your continued support in our fight to reach information and opportunities to every single child and build the best academic, leadership, and entrepreneurial support systems and platforms for our children. Without you, 2014 would not have been as great as it was.
When we said we will reach scholastic and co-curricular opportunities to even those parts of the world where electricity and internet still remain either inaccessible or unaffordable, you stood with us. Because of you, we were able to connect over 156,000 homes directly with opportunity updates and are currently in the process of connecting 2.5 million students directly in their classrooms. Not just that, we also made it possible for 136 million others to simply walk to their nearest newspaper stand and connect their children to every single local, national and international opportunity, for less than 6 cents. These children were not missing out on opportunities because they were not good enough. It was simply because they were just not connected enough.
In 2014, we built some great scholastic and co-curricular platforms, smart talent identification mechanisms, student support programs and networks which gave over half a million students greater platforms to excel. The Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship continued to make waves in 2014, specially, in terms of inclusion and impact. While four of our graduates came from Asia's most marginalized community, there was also a significant increase in the number of girls graduating from the DexSchool. While we continued to win international and national awards, there was an article about Dexterity in the newspapers every 9 days in 2014. But, as I always say, awards bestowed on Dexterity don't matter to us, our real awards are our dexters.
When compiled India's 10 Most Inspirational Stories, #1 was that of a DexSchool graduate. When UNESCO awarded 10 youth from across the globe with Multimedia Youth Awards, one of them was a DexSchool graduate. When Former Prime Minister of UK Gordon Brown flew down to New York to hand over the United Nations Youth Courage Award, the young lady whom he handed over the award to was a DexSchool graduate. There was a DexSchool graduate who represented India at the International Youth Forum in Seliger, Russia while another flew to Yale University on a full scholarship to do the Yale Young Global Scholars Grand Strategy Program. And, as you are reading this, there is a Dexter in the finals of India's largest reality TV show for young musicians and there are two serving as the Regional Ambassadors to UNEP Tunza Eco-generation.
I am proud of all the wonderful things students from the Dexterity Network are doing around the world, today. I thank my entire team at Dexterity Global and salute my Board of Advisors. It's an honor, pleasure, and privilege to be working with you.
Together, we can and we will "Democratize Education" and ensure "a Platform for every Child". As one of our advisors put it, "Lets make 2015 a year to remember".
Thank You!
Sharad V. Sagar
Founder and CEO
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