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DexSchool alumna appointed
UN Regional Ambassador

DexSchool alumna Yagya Bharadwaj has been appointed the Regional Ambassador for United Nations Environment Programme TUNZA Eco-Generation.
UNEP TUNZA Eco-Generation is an environmental networking platform for children and youth run by Samsung Engineering and UNEP. Yagya is one of the 28 Regional Ambassadors appointed from all across the world.
Yagya called her appointment "a dream come true". She said, "Following your dreams is one thing and chasing it is another. At DexSchool, I learnt how small steps can eventually make a big difference. I learnt how important it is to stay focused and work hard. Everything that I learnt there, encouraged me to believe in myself. My continued small steps have brought me a big opportunity. Tunza Eco Generation has given me the opportunity to work for creating a better and a greener world.
And, I'm Dex(Ex)cited about it!"
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