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DexSchool Class of 2016 Graduates

... Class of 2016 included 40 young students from 15 different Indian cities

Patna, India

The Graduation Ceremony for DexSchool Class of 2016 concluded this evening. With this, fourth consecutive class successfully graduated from the Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Harvard Kennedy School alum and the World Bank Innovation Awardee, Irfan Alam was the Graduation Speaker at DexSchool Class of 2016.

DexSchool Class of 2016 included 40 young students from 15 different Indian cities (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Kolkata, etc.) and from institutions as Hong Kong Institute of Science and Tech, Texas A&M University, DPS R.K. Puram, Loyola School Jamshedpur, etc. These students converged at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Patna, India between June 11 and June 15.

““No matter what you do in life, I want you to take ownership – ownership of yourself, your life, your family, your school, your community, your nation and your planet. Once young and smart people start taking ownership, the world will change for better,” said Irfan Alam in his Graduation Address to DexSchool Class of 2016. “You are some the luckiest people because you had the chance of attending DexSchool. Make that count.”

In the five days at DexSchool, the students underwent rigorous training in Communications, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. On Day 5, students solved a Harvard Law School Negotiations, being one of the youngest people in the world to do that. Students formed their own start-ups in class, pitched their startup ideas, walked through the life-cycle of a start-up and learnt using business school case studies. While understanding the art of communication, the class analyzed and dissected great speakers and their speeches. Students listened to speeches of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King and learnt the art of doing effective communication and messaging to the masses.

Sharad Sagar, a Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur and the Executive Director of DexSchool said, “For the past four years, alumni of DexSchool are impacting the world in different ways using the three core values of DexSchool - the 3Cs of DexSchool - Courage Creativity and Concern. It’s your time now, Class of 2016. Go out there and change the world in your own unique way!”

Earlier on Day 5, students interacted with RJ Anjali, one of the coolest RJs in the country. RJ Anjali is a nationally awarded journalist and a youth icon who has interviewed India’s leading celebrities.

The 40 students will continue to receive support from DexSchool for the next one year. They will be connected to all relevant opportunities and online resources in their respective fields and will continue to receive mentoring from DexSchool mentors in taking their ideas forward.

DexSchool is a first-of-its-kind setup for high school students in South Asia which is designed and packaged by experts from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, United Nations, McKinsey and the World Bank that provides students with an entrepreneurial ecosystem and enables them build their ideas into actions or enterprises.

Reflecting upon his DexSchool experience, Bikash Gupta, a DexSchool graduate from Nepal said, “Meeting people at DexSchool is like reading “Humans of New York” posts. Their stories are so inspiring.” Ashita, a BBA student from Hyderabad said, “DexSchool is truly life-changing. It has enabled me to be a dreamer, a change agent and a leader. I am a proud DexSchool graduate.”

160 students from different parts of South Asia have so far graduated from the DexSchool and are doing wonderful things around the world – from winning the UN Youth Courage Award to studying on full scholarships (worth several crores) at US universities, from running successful startups to serving as UNEP ambassadors for their countries.

For press inquiries, contact:

Swaraj Priyadarshi,
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO | +91-9661885827

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