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Dexterity CEO Delivers Graduation Address at Tufts University

Forbes 30 under 30 Honoree Sharad was chosen as the Wendell Phillips Speaker to deliver this historic address at Tufts University Class of 2016’s graduation.

Boston, United States

The Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, Sharad Sagar delivered the Graduation Address at Tufts Class of 2016. The Forbes 30 under 30 Honoree, Sharad was chosen as the Wendell Phillips Speaker to deliver this historic address at Tufts University Class of 2016’s Baccalaureate Services in the presence of over 4,000 people which included President Anthony Monaco, University Staffs, Members of the Faculty, Coaches, Deans, Members of the Class of 2016 and their families.

“Change takes time. But, it also takes people,” said the Dexterity CEO to the Class of 2016. “Very often we sit back thinking good things will happen, knowing that good things take time and hoping that someone else will do it. The world needs you, Class of 2016. Change needs you. Change needs people who are willing to invest themselves and their time and their energy and all that they can in making it happen. And, remember, if we don’t quit; if we choose to walk the more difficult path; if we refuse to give up, no matter how long the road or how steep the climb; we will make change happen.”

Sharad, the first Indian ever [in the recorded history of the institution] to deliver the graduation address, received a long-rousing standing ovation from over 4,000 people present at the ceremony. The online video of the speech has gone viral across the internet as “one of the greatest graduation speeches” ever made and has over 12,000 views.

Following his speech, President Anthony Monaco said, “Thank you, Sharad, for that inspiring Wendell Phillips address. I got to know Sharad during his first year, and we have remained close throughout his time here. … He is an outstanding representative of the Class of 2016, and his address was all that I could have expected from someone who exemplifies the very best of Tufts.”

Sharad was the first Tufts undergraduate ever to make the Forbes 30 under 30 List. At Tufts University, Sharad Sagar was the first (and remains the only) freshman ever to win the University’s prestigious $100k New Ventures Competition. He made the Rockefeller Foundation’s Centennial List of 100 Next Century Innovators as a Tufts freshman and was awarded with the University’s Paul and Elizabeth Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement as a sophomore. Sagar was the first international student ever to manage the Varsity Hockey team and saw consecutive NESCAC Final Four appearances as the Team Manager. In his senior year, he was awarded with the Tufts Alumni Association’s Senior Award, the Presidential Award for Citizenship and Public Service, the Wendell Phillips Memorial Prize and was inducted into the Honos Civicus Society.

Sagar, who was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list alongside people as Mark Zuckerberg and Malala Yousafzai, is quoted globally by influential leaders, major universities, newspapers and media houses. In 2015, Sharad found a place in the Entrepreneurship Syllabus of the Michigan State University. Later that year, he found a mention in Govt. of Taiwan’s Social Impact Agenda at the Social Enterprise World Forum in Milan, Italy alongside Bill Drayton (the father of Social Entrepreneurship) and was included in Development Bank of Singapore’s (DBS) Annual Report in 2014. Sharad is a widely followed youth icon and has over 100,000 followers on his social media accounts. He was one of the first and youngest CEOs to be awarded a verified badge by social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

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