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Dexterity Global’s Founder and CEO
on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List

Internationally Awarded Social Entrepreneur Sharad Sagar included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List of Social Entrepreneurs.

January 06, 2016

Dexterity Global’s Founder and CEO Sharad Sagar has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for the year 2016.

On January 4th, Forbes, the American Business Magazine, announced its list of 30 most influential individuals who are under the age of 30, across different fields. Sagar, 24, has been included in the Social Entrepreneurs Category and has become one of the very few Indians ever to be featured on this prestigious list.

According to the official Forbes statement, “Sharad’s goal is to make sure the next generation can connect with the world. Dexterity Global is a system of educational platforms that serves high school and middle school students in South Asia”

About the List

This annual list by Forbes is the world’s most coveted list of individuals under the age of 30. Others who feature on the list include founders of billion-dollar technology companies, renowned venture capitalists, Hollywood actors, musicians, international level sports persons, young social entrepreneurs and change agents. Some of those featured in past 30 under 30 lists include Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai, Facebook’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom.

For the year 2016, Forbes received over 15,000 nominations from all across the world. The list was finalized by panel of expert judges — among them billionaires Steve Balmer (Former Microsoft CEO), Tory Burch, Robert Smith and Laurene Powell Jobs; celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba and Carmelo Anthony; Case Foundation’s CEO Jean Case, Echoing Green’s President Cheryl Dorsey and prestigious Forbes editors as Randall Lane and Caroline Howard.

About Sharad Sagar

Sharad Sagar is an internationally acclaimed social entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global. Throughout the world, Sharad has been recognized for innovations in democratizing education and building sustainable impact enterprise.

In 2013, Sagar was included in The Rockefeller Foundation Centennial List of “Top 100 Next Century Innovators”. Sharad is quoted globally by influential leaders, universities, newspapers and media houses. Recently, a Taiwanese Minister quoted him while outlining Taiwan Govt.’s Social Impact agenda at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2015 in Italy.  Michigan State University, a top US university featured Sharad on its Entrepreneurship syllabus in May 2015.

Sharad is a youth icon and has over 85,000 followers on his Official Facebook page, Sharad Sagar Official. Sharad is also the winner of the UN World Summit Youth Award, Davis Foundation’s Peace Prize, youngest ever to Tufts $100,000 Entrepreneurship Challenge, and has represented India at over a dozen UN platforms in different South Asian countries.

About Dexterity Global

Dexterity Global is an international non-profit that powers the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and is on a mission to connect the remotest child with the best opportunities.

Founded by Sharad in 2008, Dexterity Global is impacting over 1.2 million children in India and other parts of South Asia. Through its ecosystem of educational platforms, Dexterity is connecting students with information and opportunities, building their skill-sets, equipping them with leadership and entrepreneurial skills and making college transitions possible for them.

Sharad’s Reaction and Comments

On this great feat, Sharad said, “I am not really a big fan of awards and honors as I feel they are just indicators of how well you’re doing in your journey and not the destination themselves. But, it’s an absolute honor to be included in such a coveted list.  I am thankful to Forbes and to everyone who sees value in the work we do and has hopes of greater, wider, and deeper impact from us. I am committed to creating “a Platform for Every Child” and will work harder each day to ensure it.”

Release of Rights

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