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DG CEO Invited to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Dexterity Global's Founder and CEO Sharad Sagar has been invited to the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway this December. The invitation has come from the Nobel Peace Center and Government of Norway’s telecom enterprise, Telenor.

The CEO will attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and participate in events honoring this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, the current President of the Republic of Colombia. In addition, he will work with the Nobel Peace Center and fellow invitees to design solutions to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nobel Peace Center and Telenor have invited 26 young innovators from across the world to be a part of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. At the ceremony, this year’s winner President Santos will deliver his Nobel lecture in front of a distinguished audience that will include His Majesty The King of Norway, members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, past Nobel Prize winners, renowned world leaders and international media personnel. The Nobel Peace Center and Telenor have extended this prestigious invitation to only two Indians. The other invitee is Paridhi Rustogi, a Delhi-based environmental engineer.

Nobel Peace Center’s Official Statement

“We are excited to bring delegates from across Europe and Asia together, challenging them to become experts and solution drivers on global, social issues,” said Liv Tørres, Executive Director for the Nobel Peace Center. “At the Nobel Peace Center, we believe that by addressing social inequalities, we take one step closer to peace.”

The CEO says..​

On receiving this invitation, the DG CEO said – “What an amazing year this has been! Only last month I got a chance to shake hands with a Nobel Peace Prize winner in Barack Obama and next month I will have the honor of meeting this year’s Nobel Prize winner, President Santos. Most of my heroes have been Nobel laureates and to be invited to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is a great honor for me.”

For press inquiries, contact:

Swaraj Priyadarshi

Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO

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