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Full scholarships for students from Earthquake-hit Nepal

Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, as per an announcement made by Dexterity Global on its social media accounts, will award full scholarships and travel aid to all selected students from Nepal.
Dexterity Global shared this story on its social media account while making the announcement:
"This young boy from Nepal, full of energy and ideas, calls up our India office to tell us how his village didn't have a scanner and so he would go to a nearby town to send us a copy of his enrollment form. One could visibly tell how happy and excited he was to join other bright young students at the DexSchool.
And, the next day, the Nepal earthquakes struck. It was a tough week for us. All such stories kept crossing our minds.We are on a very simple mission: we are building a generation that would build the future. And, we undergo every single thing that this generation undergoes. Their dreams are our dreams, their happiness is our happiness, and their pain is our pain.
We have decided to award full scholarships to every single child from Nepal at the DexSchool. We would also meet their full travel expenses. We would not let their dreams and ideas die. Nepal needs them."
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