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Students Write Dexterity to College (D2C) Qualifiers in Bihar today.

"Students from over 16 districts of Bihar enrolled themselves for D2C."

Patna, India

Dexterity to College (D2C) Qualifiers took place in Patna, India this afternoon. Students from over 16 districts of Bihar enrolled themselves for D2C. Qualifiers, the first stage of D2C, is a written aptitude test that tests basic skills students are learning in school: reading, writing and math. Earlier, the Qualifiers was scheduled to take place in August. However, due to an unprecedented flood situation that left transport and daily life affected throughout Bihar, it was rescheduled to September. D2C's Financial Aid Office announced that it will offer full financial aid to students from all flood-affected families. More than 25% of the total test-takers were offered full scholarships through the financial aid policy. The number of girl students participating in D2C also shot up. Around 33% of the total test-takers were girls.

Students shortlisted after the Qualifiers will advance to the next stage, which is the D2C Camp. At the D2C camp in December, students will undergo a rigorous five-day training that will enable them to better prepare for top colleges. Students will gain a better understanding of the college admissions process ranging from timelines and deadlines to the SATs and ACTs, the admissions interviews to the college essays and the overall approach. The D2C Fellows will be selected at the end of the five-day camp.

D2C is a high school to college transition platform that identifies and grooms young talents in the state of Bihar, India. D2C is on a mission to increase the opportunities for young students in Bihar to attend top colleges across the world. In its inaugural year, D2C Fellows received admissions offers from top colleges across the world such as University of California, New York University, Virginia Tech, Ashoka University, IIM Indore, etc. and secured over 9 million in scholarships.

We wish all test-takers good look!

Team D2C

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