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Two students from the Dexterity network get UN call

DexSchool graduate and Dexterity 17under17 fellow appointed Regional Ambassadors

When the United Nations Environment Programme looked around for young, driven, and motivated children and youth to spearhead environmental awareness and voice eco-concerns, it found 28 youth fitting to be appointed its Regional Ambassadors.
What comes as a matter of great pride for the Dexterity Network is the fact that two out of these 28 representatives chosen from across the world are from the Dexterity Network. Neel Madhav, a Dexterity 17 under 17 fellow and Yagya Bharadwaj, a DexSchool graduate were the two students chosen as Regional Ambassadors to the UNEP TUNZA Eco-Generation.
Sharad Sagar, CEO of Dexterity Global, personally called up Neel and Yagya and congratulated them on their success and wished them the very best for their term as Regional Ambassadors.
UNEP TUNZA Eco-Generation is an environmental networking platform for children and youth run by Samsung Engineering and UNEP.
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