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      The Dexterity Global Group

    • The Dexterity Global Group's COVID-19 Response: Decisive Postponement, Direct Intervention, Silent Donation and Public Engagement

      June 03, 2020


      Today marks 85 days of our first COVID-19 response. Since March 10, we’ve continued to coordinate with our senior leadership, our alumni across the country and the local and national organizations that we directly support and advise.


      Our alumni in public health have continued to fight on the frontlines while others continue to support their local communities and national efforts — assisting, informing, coordinating and serving those in need. In fact, two of our alumni have volunteered and been serving alongside their local traffic police.


      Here’s a quick look at our organizational response:


      Decisive Postponements


      1. On March 10, we requested organizations across India to cancel all public addresses by Shri Sharad Sagar, the Dexterity CEO.


      2. On April 8, continuing to keep in mind the public health crisis, we moved the residential week of DexSchool originally scheduled for June 2020 to June 2021.


      Direct Interventions


      1. On April 8, we sent 850,000 Corona Warrior Training Kits for our children, an educational kit that trained children and youth in science and service. The kit was first made available in English and Hindi and was further translated in regional languages.


      2. On April 20, we launched the 1000 Internships Programme creating 1,000 internship opportunities for our young people to make sure that young India is confident, upskilled and job ready as we rebuild our economy.


      3. On May 5, in exactly two weeks, we sent out the 1000th internship offer letter. From Wokha in Nagaland to Kannur in Kerala, the 1000 young people who received the internship offer come from 310 districts and 27 states of India.


      4. On May 24, we launched the Career Readiness Programme to further upskill and train each one of our 1000 interns in job search, resume building, writing cover letters, important interview skills and transitions to graduate schools and workplaces.


      Silent Donations


      With the DexSchool residential week postponed to June 2021, we used the existing funds for DexSchool to support relief work for India’s most affected areas and people. These were all silent donations and supported:


      1. Meals for 700 migrant workers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh


      2. Meals for 300 migrant workers in Hyderabad, Telangana


      3. Ration for a residential school for Musahar Girls in Patna, Bihar


      4. Ration for families in slums of Dharavi, Mumbai


      5. Ration for migrant families in Goregaon, Malad, Jogeshwari and Powai


      6. Efforts of Ramakrishna Math and Mission across India and the world


      Related Public Addresses


      1. On April 10, the Dexterity CEO went live on All India Radio - Northeast to positively engage and orient our children and youth in the Northeast amidst this crisis.


      2. On April 30, the Dexterity CEO addressed center in-charges, coordinators and facilitators of Bihar Skill Development Mission and offered all possible support in handling the post-corona educational and employment opportunities and challenges.


      Public Engagement


      1. Information regarding direct interventions like Dexterity Seva and 1000 Internships Programme have reached more than 1 million people per month online and offline.

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