• Dexterity to College

    Enabling college access on full scholarships.

  • From green revolution to our space programme—it all happened when ordinary individuals used their education to solve extraordinary problems.

  • Dexterity to College (D2C) is a career development programme for young leaders in Indian high schools, colleges and workplaces preparing dedicated leaders across different disciplines.

    The programme has nurtured a community of leaders, innovators, and scholars from humble beginnings and enabled them to create positive global impact through scholarship, leadership and service. Alumni have received over 488 million INR in scholarships from top institutions around the world, and have written and presented over 1000+ research papers at global forums — serving as ambassadors of Indian thought in global academia.


    total scholarship received by fellows


    received career development training


    admission offers from globally ranked universities


    percentile in ACT, SAT and AP exams


    percent fellows come from low-income families