• A nation moves forward when all citizens have an equal opportunity to contribute to nation-building.

  • Dexterity Global's programmes serve all children — irrespective of their background, family income or pin code — and enable them to become nation-builders for India.

    Dexterity's programmes at a glance.


    Opportunity discovery and preparation support till the last mile.


    DexConnect is bridging the opportunity gap by connecting over 6.5 million children across remote towns and villages with information about world-class educational opportunities directly in their homes and classrooms, along with preparation materials that enable students to excel. Through a widespread network of schools, libraries, nonprofits, media houses and influencers, DexConnect enables students to explore varied academic and co-curricular disciplines and unlock their hidden interests and potential.

    Dexterity Classrooms

    Training the next generation of teachers, students and parents.


    Dexterity Classrooms are training programmes across rural and urban India that equip teachers, students and parents with new age skills, knowledge and competencies to excel in an ever-changing world. Recognized for pioneering thought leadership and transformative impact, Dexterity Classrooms have trained over 2.2 million people through in-person and online training programmes.

    Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool)

    India’s first school of leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers.


    Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool) is a world-class leadership development programme building service-oriented leaders for India and the world. Founded in 2012, DexSchool is India’s first school of leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers. Over 300 young people from 18 Indian states and speaking 29 languages have graduated from the programme and have received over $6 million in scholarships and prize money from institutions around the world, founded 50+ organizations and serve over 10 million people globally.

    Dexterity Seva

    Reintroducing the ancient Indian idea of seva in present-day education and leadership.


    Dexterity Seva is a training programme in selfless service building spiritually-awakened scientifically-driven servant leaders for India and the world. These servant leaders move forward in their careers making seva as goal of life — do seva in every day life, through their professions and in times of crises. Over 850,000 young people have undergone experiential learning in Seva and commit to being life-long servant leaders.

    Dexterity to College

    Enabling college access on full scholarships.


    Dexterity to College is a career development programme for young leaders in Indian high schools, colleges and workplaces that prepares dedicated leaders across different disciplines. The programme has nurtured a community of leaders, innovators, and scholars from humble beginnings and enabled them to create positive global impact through scholarship, leadership and service. Alumni have received over 502 million INR in scholarships from top institutions around the world, and have written and presented over 1000+ research papers at global forums — serving as ambassadors of Indian thought in global academia.


    Identifying and developing young talents in remote districts.


    DexChallenge is the talent identification programme of Dexterity Global that identifies talent at a young age and nurtures them to become global leaders across different fields, leveraging Dexterity Global's institutions and programmes. Since 2008, DexChallenges have pioneered effective talent identification mechanisms, offered over 772,000 Indian middle school and high school students a platform and led to the founding of several institutions and programmes that Dexterity Global built over the years.

    1000 Internships Programme

    Training and supporting young professionals for leadership roles in industry and the future of work.


    Started as an emergency response programme during COVID crisis, 1,000 Internships Programme is Dexterity Global's young professional development programme (YPDP). The COVID-19 crisis led to global lockdowns, economic slowdown and hiring freezes. Dexterity's 1000 Internships Programme came as an emergency response by Dexterity Global to provide 1,000 young people in India with an internship and a training in career readiness. From Wokha in Nagaland to Kannur in Kerala, 1000 youth from 310 districts and 27 states of India received an internship and training in career readiness.