• Dexterity Global is a 21st century leadership movement powering the next generation of leaders for India and the world.

    • Organizations around the world have invited, awarded, and listed Dexterity Global for building next century leaders.

    • Platforms


      DexConnect is an opportunity discovery and preparation platform that increases the levels of access, aspiration and achievement across schools and communities. DexConnect presently connects over 65 lakh students with educational opportunities directly in their homes and classrooms.

      Dexterity Classrooms

      Dexterity Classrooms are interactive courses that equip students, parents and teachers with new age skills, knowledge and competencies to excel in an ever-changing world. Recognized globally for pioneering thought leadership and transformative impact, Dexterity Classrooms have trained over 22 lakh people across rural and urban India.

      Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship

      Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DexSchool) is a world-class leadership development programme building service-oriented leaders for India and the world. Founded in 2012, DexSchool is India’s first school of leadership and entrepreneurship for teenagers.

      Dexterity Seva

      Dexterity Seva is a pioneering experiential learning-cum-service leadership programme inspiring, empowering and creating the next generation of service leaders for India and the world. Seva leaders have dedicated thousands of service hours to self-designed service projects in lower income communities.

      Dexterity to College (D2C)

      Dexterity to College (D2C) is a college preparedness and transition platform for young leaders in Indian high schools, colleges and workplaces. D2C is shaping a generation of leaders who will change India through their college education.


      DexChallenges are innovative and skill-building platforms that instill scholastic and co-curricular abilities in children from tier II and tier III cities and small towns and villages. Since 2008, DexChallenges have offered a platform to over 772,000 students in small towns and villages.

      1000 Internships Programme

      The COVID-19 crisis has led to global lockdowns, economic slowdown and hiring freezes. 1000 Internships Programme is an emergency response by Dexterity Global to provide 1,000 young people in India with an internship and a training in career readiness.

      COVID-19 Response

      The Dexterity Global Group's COVID-19 Response: Decisive Postponement, Direct Intervention, Silent Donation and Public Engagement.

      • "Equipping young people with the mentality to solve 21st century problems."

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