• "Building the future of India."

    The Telegraph

  • Since its founding in 2008, Dexterity Global has enabled a generation of leaders to redefine their education and reclaim their leadership.

    Not just limited to those who have access to internet or good schools, Dexterity's programmes reach children in the remotest corners of India — from the tribal kids in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya in their local language and children in Majuli, Assam, India’s only island district located in Brahmaputra River, from far flung villages of Andhra Pradesh and flood-stricken districts of Bihar. Dexterity Global, through educational opportunities and training, is powering the next generation of leaders for India and the world.

  • From President Obama to the Queen of England, Nobel Peace Center to Rockefeller Foundation, organizations and leaders around the world have invited, awarded, and listed Dexterity Global for powering the next generation of leaders.

  • "Equipping young people with the mentality to solve 21st century problems with 21st century solutions.”



    "Dexterity Global promotes active citizenship amongst high school students in India, encouraging students to think through social challenges...”


    The Rockefeller Foundation

    "Dexterity is on a mission to connect every single child with scholastic and co-curricular opportunities and platforms.​"


    The Times of India

    "In 10 years from now...alumni from the Dexterity network will be "doing wonderful things" around the world."



    "Building the future of India."


    The Telegraph

    "Building servant leaders for India through educational opportunities and training"


    Yahoo! News

  • Dexterity Global is on a mission to bridge the gap between education and leadership, and build local role models in areas that need them the most but have them the least.​

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  • Opportunity Discovery and Preparation Support

    Dexterity's opportunity discovery and preparation platform reaches information and opportunities across schools and communities till the last mile — increasing levels of access, aspiration and achievement.


    Total no. of students connected with world-class educational opportunities and preparation resources through DexConnect


    Total no. of homes DexConnected


    Total value of DexConnect opportunities shared till date

  • Training in new age skills, knowledge and competencies

    From reimagining learning and teaching to equipping students, parents and teachers with new age skills, knowledge and competencies, Dexterity's in-person and online training programmes equip teachers, students and parents across rural and urban India to excel in an ever-changing world.


    Total no. of individuals received training in new age skills, knowledge and competencies


    Total no. of teachers received in-person training


    In-person Dexterity Classrooms conducted across rural and urban districts

  • Leadership Development

    Through leadership development programmes, Dexterity builds the character, temperament and expertise of young citizens — building problem-solving servant leaders who dedicate their lives to serving some of the most pressing problems of our times.


    Total scholarships and prize money our graduates have received from institutions around the world


    Total no. of people served by service-oriented organizations founded or led by Dexterity alumni


    Total no. of people employed by Dexterity alumni


    Graduates of the organization's residential leadership development programme

  • College Access and Career Development

    Through a dedicated college access and career dedicated programme, Dexterity trains young leaders to excel in college careers and professional careers, and instills 21st century skills needed to succeed in college and at the workplace.


    Total scholarship received by Dexterity to College fellows from the world's leading institutions


    Total no. of students who received training in career development


    Admission offers from globally ranked universities


    percentile of Dexterity alumni in ACT, SAT and AP exams