• "Change takes time. But, it also takes people."


    Sharad Sagar, Founder and CEO, The Dexterity Global Group

  • Dexterity Global is a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training.

    Founded in 2008, Dexterity Global is enabling a generation of young citizens to redefine education and reclaim leadership. Through programmes that reach the remotest towns and villages, the organization impacts nearly 6.5 million young people every year — building the next generation of leaders for India and the world across different disciplines.


    For its mission, work and vision, Dexterity Global is listed on the global Forbes 30 Under 30 List, included in Rockefeller Foundation's Top 100 Next Century Innovations, inducted in Queen’s Young Leaders list, and been invited to the Obama White House, the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, the World Bank Group and the United Nations.

    Since its founding in 2008, Dexterity Global has built opportunity discovery and preparation platforms, talent identification programmes, capacity building programmes for teachers, parents and institutions, leadership development programmes, college access and career development programmes, experiential service education programs and emergency response programmes in the remotest of towns and villages of India.


    The organization has enabled children and youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds to build themselves for the future, and inspire and uplift their local communities by using their education to solve some of the most pressing problems of our times.

    Dexterity at a glance

    • Opportunity discovery and preparation support
    • Talent identification and development
    • Training in new age skills, knowledge and competencies
    • Leadership development
    • College access on full scholarships
    • Career development
    • Service education and training
    • Capacity building of educators and institutions
    • Nurturing service-oriented organizations
    • Powering Indian thought in global academia
    • Thought Leadership
    • Emergency response programmes
  • The Dexterity Theory of Change

    Education rooted in purpose

    Through an ecosystem of educational programmes, the organization trains millions of children and youth with an education rooted in purpose and problem-solving — enabling young people to use their education to serve people and solve problems of the present times.

    Leadership rooted in service

    Dexterity enables young people to identify "servant leadership" as the goal of their education. Dexterity alumni — as true servant leaders — dedicate their lives to serve people and solve pressing problems.

    The Opportunity Superhighway

    Our young people in the smallest of towns and villages and even in big cities face the lack of information and opportunities. Dexterity Global has pioneered the concept of an "Opportunity Superhighway." Through a widespread network of schools, libraries, nonprofits, media houses and influencers, Dexterity reaches opportunities to children directly in their classrooms, homes and phones, offering them a pathway to be rewarded and recognised at the highest levels and grow as leaders in different fields.

    The gap between education and leadership

    Through an ecosystem of educational programmes, Dexterity Global is enabling a generation of young citizens to bridge the gap between their education and leadership — redefine their education and reclaim their leadership, inspire and uplift others by their example and serve India and the world through their education.

    Local Role Models

    Dexterity builds local role models in local communities that need them the most and have them the least — young people with similar backgrounds, who went to the same school as others and lived in the same streets — who can increase the level of aspiration and achievement across our schools and communities and serve their local communities as true servant leaders.

    For every child, not just a few

    Dexterity Global is recognized for pioneering a financial aid policy “Pay only if you can.” The policy ensures that all students irrespective of their socioeconomic background, family income or pin code get access to all Dexterity Global programmes — more than 80% of Dexterity alumni come from low-income families and receive financial aid.

  • "Dexterity Global promotes active citizenship amongst high school students in India, encouraging students to think through social challenges...”

    The Rockefeller Foundation