• "Building the Future of India."

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  • Dexterity Global envisions a generation of nation-builders who will bridge the gap between their education and leadership, work with each other to serve India, solve the pressing problems of the world and lift more people up.

  • The Dexterity Theory of Change

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    Education rooted in purpose

    Dexterity believes that the purpose of education is leadership — leadership at home, leadership in community, leadership in a particular field or discipline, leadership for the country and the world.

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    Leadership rooted in service

    Dexterity enables young people to identify "servant leadership" as the goal of their education. Dexterity alumni — as true servant leaders — dedicate their lives to serve people and solve pressing problems.

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    The Opportunity Superhighway

    If you do not know that an opportunity exists, you do not get that opportunity. Dexterity Global believes in and has pioneered the concept of an "Opportunity Superhighway" to reach opportunities to children and youth directly in their classrooms, homes and phones.

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    The gap between education and leadership

    Through an ecosystem of educational programs, Dexterity Global is inspiring and enabling India's young generation to bridge the gap between their education and leadership — by putting their education to use to solve problems and serve people in real world.

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    Local Role Models

    Dexterity believes in building local role models whose example can increase the levels of aspiration and achievement among young people from similar backgrounds, living in similar or nearby towns or villages.

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    For every child, not just a few

    Dexterity Global is recognized for pioneering a financial aid policy “Pay only if you can.” The policy ensures that all students irrespective of their socioeconomic background, family income or pin code get access to all Dexterity Global programs. More than 85% of Dexterity alumni come from low-income families and receive financial aid.

  • Dexterity 10 — The Core of a Dexterity Education

    Dexterity grooms leaders with semi-monastic, semi-military values — enabling them to identify servant leadership as the purpose of their education. Dexterity imparts an education rooted in purpose and builds leadership rooted in service, so that the education, life and work of our young people become the answer to the problems that the world faces. Dexterity 10 comprises of four key skills, two core values, two core commitments and two guiding forces.


    Independent Thinking












    Public Service




    Scientific Temperament


    Spiritual Grounding

  • “The Big Investments of tomorrow need not be on the Stock Exchange. They need to be in our schools.”


    Sharad Sagar, Founder and CEO, The Dexterity Global Group