• "Equipping young people with the mentality to solve 21st century problems with 21st century solutions.”


  • Dexterity Global envisions a generation of effective nation-builders who will work with each other to build India at the grassroots and solve some of the most pressing problems of our times using their education and leadership.

  • Dexterity 10 — The Core of a Dexterity Education

    Dexterity grooms leaders in a semi-monastic manner — enabling them to identify servant leadership as the purpose of their education. Dexterity imparts an education rooted in purpose and builds a leadership rooted in service, so that the education, life and work of our young people become the answer to the problems of this generation.


    Dexterity 10 comprises of four key skills, two core values, two core commitments and two guiding forces.


    Critical Thinking












    Public Service




    Scientific Temperament


    Spiritual Grounding

  • “The Big Investments of tomorrow need not be on the Stock Exchange. They need to be in our schools.”


    Sharad Sagar, Founder and CEO, The Dexterity Global Group

  • Through educational opportunities and training, Dexterity is powering next-generation leaders.

    Connecting remotest children and institutions with global educational opportunities

    Dexterity's opportunity discovery and preparation platform reaches information and opportunities across schools and communities till the last mile — increasing levels of access, aspiration and achievement for over 6.5 million children annually.

    Training the next generation in new age skills, knowledge and competencies

    From reimagining learning and teaching to equipping students, parents and teachers with new age skills, knowledge and competencies, Dexterity's in-person and online training programmes equip over 2.2 million people across rural and urban India to excel in an ever-changing world. .

    Training and supporting educators and institutions

    Dexterity trains teachers and educators and supports under-resourced educational institutions across remote towns and villages of India — building and expanding their capacity to offer new-age education and groom citizen leaders for India and the world.

    Building servant leaders for India and the world

    Through leadership development programmes, Dexterity builds the character, temperament and expertise of young citizens — building problem-solving servant leaders who dedicate their lives to serving some of the most pressing problems of our times.

    Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship

    Dexterity programmes foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in children and youth who solve pressing problems, build startups, raise capital and continue to be at the fore of change across India and the world through their innovative ideas and organizations.

    Enabling college access on full scholarships

    Dexterity is enabling a generation of leaders from humble beginnings to receive an education at some of the world's most prestigious universities. Dexterity alumni have received a total of 502 million INR in scholarships from universities around the world.

    Introducing Indian thought in global academia

    Dexterity equips thought leaders across different disciplines who power Indian thought, wisdom, philosophies and perspectives in the global academia. Dexterity alumni have written and presented over 1000+ research papers at global forums — serving as ambassadors of Indian thought in global academia.

    Enabling smoother transitions to college, career and workplaces

    Through a dedicated career dedicated programme, Dexterity trains young leaders to excel in college careers and professional careers and instills 21st century skills needed to succeed in college and at the workplace.

    Reintroducing the ancient Indian idea of seva in the present-day education and leadership

    Dexterity builds dedicated servant leaders who internalize the meaning of seva in their daily lives and profession. These servant leaders move forward in their careers making seva as goal of life — do seva in every day life, through their professions and in times of crises.

    Strengthening local communities and neighbourhoods through meaningful seva activities

    Through a Seva Curriculum, service education programmes and crisis-time training kits, Dexterity enables servant leaders across India to better prepare themselves as first responders during times of natural and human-caused calamities. These servant leaders serve communities sometimes even our governments fail to serve and dedicate themselves to a lifetime of service and leadership.

    Identifying and developing young talents in remote districts

    Dexterity builds talent identification programmes to identify talent at a young age and nurture them to become global leaders across different fields. Since its founding, the organization has offered a platform to over 772,000 young people in remote towns and districts of India and groomed young talents otherwise left unidentified and un-nurtured.

    Leading the conversation on education and leadership

    From remote towns and villages of India to national and global forums, Dexterity Global engages in effective thought leadership to shape the local, national and global conversation around education and leadership and enable government agencies, international organizations, corporations and non-profits to engage in leadership building across different sectors.

    Allocating financial aid for a democratized education

    Dexterity's pioneering financial aid policy "Pay only if you can." offers every child an equal opportunity to gain access to a world-class education and contribute to nation-building — irrespective of socioeconomic background, family income or pin code. More than 80% of young people accessing Dexterity Global's programmes receive financial aid.