• Dexterity Global is a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training.

  • Founded in 2008, Dexterity Global is enabling a generation of young citizens to redefine education and reclaim leadership.

  • Dexterity Global programmes impact over 6.5 million children annually across remotest towns and villages of India and build local role models for communities that need them the most but have them the least.

  • Education rooted in purpose.

    Leadership rooted in service.

    Building a problem-solving generation. A generation of servant leaders.

    Forbes calls Dexterity Global “a system of educational platforms” equipping young people with “the mentality to solve “21st century problems with 21st century solutions.”

  • From tribal kids of East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya to children in Majuli, Assam — India’s only island district located in Brahmaputra River — from far flung villages of Andhra Pradesh to flood-stricken districts of Bihar — Dexterity Global is powering the next generation of leaders in remotest districts of India through educational opportunities and training.


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  • From President Obama to the Queen of England, Nobel Peace Center to Rockefeller Foundation, organizations and leaders around the world have invited, awarded, and listed Dexterity Global for powering the next generation of leaders.

  • The Telegraph calls Dexterity alumni "the future of India"

    Equipped with an education rooted in purpose, Dexterity alumni serve as local role models to millions of young people around the world and are changing the world through their servant leadership.