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  • Today, we celebrate an Indian hero whose dexterity inspires millions across the world.


    In honor of Basant Sagar, Dexterity Global has declared February 10 as the International Day of Dexterity.

  • A scientist, mathematician and polymath, Basant Sagar was a true visionary whose “dexterity” inspired millions of young people in India and around the world and was considered an absolute genius by Nobel laureates, mathematicians and scholars at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and around the world.

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    Basant Sagar, who passed away on November 06, 2017, is seen in the league of Indian heroes as Srinivas Ramanujan and APJ Adbul Kalam who dedicated their lives to the service of "science, space and society."


    On his 31st birthday and on the completion of ten glorious years of the organization, Dexterity Global declared February 10 as the International Day of Dexterity to honor the rich legacy of this Indian hero who in his short life embodied the true "dexterity" spirit and serves as an inspiration for millions of Dexters around the world.

  • Honoring the legacy of an Indian hero

    Basant Sagar was the first and remains the only scholar from present-day Bihar who received a full scholarship to pursue his degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, United States.

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    Basant Sagar receiving his degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from MIT President Susan Hockfield (2011)

    Basant Sagar was considered a genius by Nobel laureates, mathematicians and scholars at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and around the world.


    He is one of the very few dignitaries who received invitations from two consecutive US Presidents in office. In 2007, Basant Sagar was invited to the People to People Leadership Summit under the patronage of the then US President George W Bush. In 2010, Sagar was invited by NASA administrator Charles F Bolden Jr to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida to interact with US President Barack Obama on space policy.

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    Basant Sagar presenting his research at MIT

    Raised in small towns and villages of Bihar for the most part of his life, Basant first went to school in Grade 8. Basant broke economic, systemic and institutional barriers to achieve the greatest success in a short but in no way ordinary lifetime.

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    Basant, who self-taught himself higher level Math and Science, was only 14 when he was selected by NASA as a Student Scientist for its 2003 Mars Mission and received an honorary membership of the famed Planetary Society for the same.

  • In 2003, talking about a 14-year-old Sagar, leading Indian newspaper The Pioneer wrote:


    “at a time when his classmates are learning about Mother Earth in Geography Classes, Basant is trespassing in outer space, looking for signs of life on Mars”.

  • From 2007 and 2011, Basant Sagar had an extraordinary career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


    Basant did scholarly research used by the US Department of Defense, MIT, NASA and other prestigious organizations.


    He was the founder and managing editor of MIT’s prestigious Math Major Magazine, chaired the Undergraduate Math Association, served as the Director of the MIT Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (MIT SEDS) and was the founder of MIT Quidditch.


    Basant published researches and invented path breaking technology in the fields of music, medicine and gaming.

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    A clip from the MIT newspaper.

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    "Mr. Basant Sagar led an amazing life as an MIT student and alumnus. I trust that his legacy will live on through the lives and work of his family, friends, associates, and fellow researchers."


    Rafael Reif

    President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Basant Sagar Scholarships at Dexterity Global

    Students around the world accessing Dexterity Global’s programs and platforms will receive Basant Sagar Scholarships that will fully or partially pay for their education.


    Basant Sagar serves as a role model for millions of young people around the world and the scholarship program will inspire and enable many million kids to serve India and the world through their education and leadership and dedicate their lives to public service and nation building.

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  • "Basant Sagar’s story is a true Indian story. It is the story of all great men and women. It is a story that tells us that our background or zip code will not determine how far we can go in life or much we can achieve. That a child who could not go to school till 8th grade, climbed the highest of peaks around the world and received recognition from institutions as MIT, NASA and even consecutive US Presidents is a story that inspires millions of young people in India and around the world and will continue to inspire future generations.”

    Sharad Sagar
    Founder and CEO
    Dexterity Global

  • Basant Sagar is an Indian hero who always believed he was just doing his work for the service of "science, space and society." He served his nation proudly and serves as a role model to millions of kids in India and around the world. Basant was an icon at MIT Boston, where he had achieved the highest plateaus as a student and a scholar. His work transcended many fields, most notably in areas of Space Science and Artificial Intelligence.


    The world has been changed by his work; a claim that not many can make. A multitude of friends worldwide are left behind but his life, work and legacy continues to shine and inspire young people around the world.


    With love,

    From all of us at Dexterity Global